Component Qualification

Micross continues to deliver unprecedented performance to its customers when it comes to servicing all Component (Level 1)/System Level (Level 2) Qualification & Reliability evaluation needs.

Micross employs state-of-the-art test equipment to provide reliability solutions for ICs, tools for materials analysis including non-interrupt HTOL using advanced 256 channel drivers, latest ESD/LU equipment, Acoustic Imaging (CSAM) and real-time X-ray imaging.

Hi-Rel & Qualification Key Differentiators:

  • 45nm and 90nm qualification capability
  • Intelligent & high-power burn-in for SOC’s, processors, FPGAs & high-speed memory using MCC Systems
  • Low VIH, High Channel Custom Drivers with 64M Vector Depth
  • Non-interrupt, individual job HTOL Ovens
  • Most advanced ESD & Latch Up Testers (up to 2304 Pins) complete

Micross STSprovides advanced test services and serves as one of the laboratories of choice within Silicon Valley.