PEM (Plastic Encapsulated Microcircuit) Qualification / COTS Qual

Micross offers the most complete turnkey solution for PEMs and COTS devices based on NASA instructions (PEM-INST 001) as well as any customer-provided screening requirements.

We bring 40+ years expertise in device upscreening and qualifications; in-house assembly, component modification and electrical & reliability test methods to our PEMs / COTS solutions.

PEM Quals


The usage of COTS PEMs offers many benefits to overcome the challenges of sourcing hi-reliability or custom component solutions. Micross can perform PEMs / COTS Quals on almost all component technologies including:

  • FPGAs, Processors, SoC, ASICs, RF and Memory
  • Analog and Mixed Signal Devices
  • Digital and logic devices
  • Discrete Semiconductor and passives plus many others

Ancillary Services to PEM / COTS Screening and Qualification:

  • Component Modification: HSD, BGA Reballing
  • Alternative paths for failing PEMs
  • Bare Die and Wafer Procurement
  • Plastic and Hermetic Assembly
  • DPA*

*Micross has partnered with Hi-Rel Labs, the premier authority & industry leader in Destructive Physical Analysis (DPA) and Failure Analysis (FA) to provide customers with one complete PEM-Qual solution.


Turnkey PEM-Qual Webinar

Turnkey PEM-Qual Webinar