SMT & Thru-Hole Packages

Surface Mount Technology & Through-Hole Packages

Micross Components is pleased to offer our customers a range of standard SMT and thru-hole products.

Manufacturer SMD
Optocouplers Optoswitches Oscillators IGBT
Three Phase
Ultra Fast
GeneSiC Semiconductor Checkmark Checkmark              
ISOCOM Components     Checkmark Checkmark          
Linear Systems Checkmark Checkmark              
Micross Power           Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Precision Devices, inc.         Checkmark        

Through-Hole Mounting

The through-hole or thru-hole mounting technique involves different components which have lead wires that are led to the board through holes, hence the name. In this method, leads rely on holes in a multilayer PCB. The leads are then finally soldered to offer permanent mounting. This technology is used in:

  • DIP (Dual Inline Packaging)
  • Pin Grid Array package (PGA)

Surface Mounting

Leads are soldered on PCB surface directly rather than using hole mounting. Surface mounting is used in:

  • Flat pack packages
  • Chip carrier packages

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