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DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory)

Samsung has been the undisputable, long-time leader in the DRAM sector and produces the most up-to-date DRAM solutions including components and modules for PC, server and mobile applications. Since 2013, Samsung has been the only manufacturer producing DDR4 devices based on 20 nanometer process technology. As the pioneer of advanced DRAM Technologies, Samsung offers DDR3 as well as DDR4 solutions with the highest performance and the highest density as well as the lowest power consumption.

NAND Flash

Samsung has been a leading manufacturer of NAND flash solutions and has firmly established its NAND flash solutions as the key components for a diversity of mobile and consumer electronics. Samsung offers a broad portfolio of high-performance, high-density NAND flash solutions combined with its preceding controller technologies that encompass embedded and non-embedded memory storage solutions as well as solid state drives that can be used as data storage for PC and enterprise systems. By introducing the industry’s first 3D V-NAND, which vertically stacks the cells, Samsung has redesigned the half-century paradigm in NAND technology.


  • DRAM
  • NAND Flash
  • SSD

Designers looking to give their products a market edge can leverage some of the natural advantages of working at the bare die level. A bare die product is simply a package-free semiconductor and allows the system designer to use the full potential of the bare die form without incurring the penalties such as degraded electrical performance or temperature limitations that can result from using the product in a standard package format. Bare die products also allows more efficient use of limited space.

Bare Die Benefits

Bare Die Space Savings The package for any microcontroller or memory is typically a major reason for the large surface area needed on board real estate. Whether BGA or peripherally pinned, the high number of I/Os associated means any packaged format attached to a PCB will take up more space. However, by using bare die it is possible to reduce the X-Y footprint down to very close to and, in some cases, even the size of the die itself. This is achieved by either wire bonding (depending on the bare die pad configuration) or bumped die and flip chip attach.

Additionally, using bare die form can also help assist with reliability sensitive applications, harsh environments and can be used in conjunction with other semiconductor devices which enable the production of complete modular system such as hybrids or Multiple Chip Modules (MCMs).

Bare die can also be used to increase functional integration by combining other bare die inside a single package. This is often referred to as a Multiple Chip Package (MCP) and is achieved by either stacking die or laying die side-by-side.

Micross Services

  • Design assistance
  • Assembly assistance
  • Die handling consultancy
  • Hi-rel die qualification
  • Hot and cold die probing
  • Zener Zap trimming
  • Die taping - Pocket/SurfTape
  • And more...

Product Support

With over 35 years experience in bare die supply, Micross Components is proud to be a product support partner for .

Working in conjunction with Micross Components, is able to offer die products with the high level of quality and reliability needed to give confidence to multi-chip module hybrid builders. Flexible product specific customized process flows can also be created on request to Micross Components.

With Micross as your trusted supplier, all product forms (wafers or singulated bare die) undergo 100% visual inspection before packing. Additionally, a Certificate of Conformance is included which guarantees your bare die meet the chosen specification and supply format ordered.

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