Silicon Carbide Discretes & Modules

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High Temp Silicon Carbide (SiC)

Silicon carbide (SiC) is a next generation, high bandgap semiconductor.

SiC outperforms conventional silicon with faster switching speeds, high temperature operation and improved radiation tolerance. Due to the high bandgap of the material, SiC devices are smaller than silicon for the same power rating.

Micross SiC components are the optimal choice for power control systems used in harsh environments. To forgo the operation expense of a power systems failure, design your power systems using Micross SiC devices.

SiC Discrete Diodes & Diode Modules (210°C)

SiC Discrete Schottkys

Datasheet Part # V A VF max (V) Package
PDF MYXDS0600-03AAS 600 3 2.8 TO-257
PDF MYXDS0600-03DA0 600 3 2.9 SMD
PDF MYXDS0600-05DA0  600 5 3 SMD
PDF MYXDS0600-05AAS  600 5 2.8 TO-257
PDF MYXDS0600-10DA0  600 10 2.8 SMD
PDF MYXDS0600-10AAS  600 10 2.8 TO-258
PDF MYXDS1200-03ABS 1200 3 2.2 TO-257
PDF MYXDS1200-05ABS 1200 5 2.5 TO-257
PDF MYXDS1200-10ABS 1200 10 4.1 TO-257
PDF MYXDS1200-15ABS 1200 15 5.2 TO-257

SiC Schottky Modules

Datasheet Part # AC Inputs V A VF max (A) Package
PDF MYXDB0600-10CEN Single Phase 600 10 4.1 TO-258
PDF MYXDB0650-10CEN Single Phase 650 10 4.1 TO-258
PDF MYXD30600-10CEN 3-Phase 600 10 4.1 TO-258
PDF MYXD30650-10CEN 3-Phase 650 10 4.1 TO-258

SiC Discrete Transistors (210°C)*


Datasheet Part # mΩ (max) V A Package
PDF MYXMN0600-20DA0 250 650 20 SMD
PDF MYXMN1200-20CAB 175 1200 20 TO-258
PDF MYXMN1200-40CAB 160 1200 40 TO-258

Superjunction Transistors

Datasheet Part # mΩ (typ) V A Package
PDF MYXS00600-15DA0 165 600 15 SMD
PDF MYXS00650-07DA0 550 650 7 SMD
PDF MYXS00650-15DA0 550 650 15 SMD

JFETs - Normally ON (*175°C only)

Datasheet Part # V A Package
PDF MYXJ11000-17DA0 1000 17 SMD
PDF MYXJ11200-17ABB 1200 17 TO-257
PDF MYXJ11200-17BAB 1200 17 TO-254
PDF MYXJ11200-17CAB 1200 17 TO-254
PDF MYXJ11200-34CAB 1200 34 TO-254

SiC Transistor Modules

Datasheet Part # Type VCE(sat) A Package
PDF MYXMH0600-20CEN MOSFET Half Bridge 240 20/device TO-258
PDF MYXM21200-20GAB MOSFET Dual 175 20/channel TO-259
PDF MYXB21200-20GAB BJT Dual 1V 20/channel TO-259

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