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Obsolescence Management

DMW/EOL and Whole LifeProduct obsolescence is an ongoing concern in the rapidly evolving semiconductor industry. Because there are various circumstances involving obsolescence issues, Micross has a multi-pronged approach to quickly and competitively solve your sourcing problem.

Our close working relationships with dozens of major semiconductor manufacturers puts us in a unique position to mitigate DMS, EOL and other lifecycle issues. We can alert you to product-change notices that may impact product availability, and provide you with access to a library of high-quality SMD product offerings from multiple manufacturers.

If you are faced with a component’s last time buy, we can stock your inventory of packaged parts or die. Often, it is more cost effective to stock the die and we can assemble and test the packaged parts as you need them. Once you are beyond the possibility of procuring your designed part, we can offer a variety of ways to continue production. We can:

  • Identify form, fit, and function of equivalent parts
  • Upscreen commercial parts
  • Create an adapter from another package style or an emulator for available die
  • Produce an ASIC
  • Create a multichip module

At Micross Components, we strive to become a worldwide leader in component emulation and substitution by providing engineered solutions to many manufacturers. We offer a complete “turnkey” package, replacing an unavailable part with a matching part using current technology. We deliver the final tested product. By close collaboration with our customer, we have a long track record of first-time success in engineering a solution to meet the customer’s needs. Our customer’s success is our success. We have designed, assembled and tested thousands of “engineered solutions” parts for our customers, from 2-3 pin discretes to full custom MCM solutions.


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