Markets Served

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Markets Served

Our products and services are found across all market segments where applications require faster, smaller and lighter products to be used in demanding environments.


More than 50 percent of our business is military related. We supply MIL-SPEC products (MIL-PRF-38535, MIL-PRF-38534) including hermetic and hybrid components that meet the stringent quality and survivability requirements of modern defense systems for all the top tier contractors. With our extensive in-house engineering capabilities, we can "resurrect" obsolete specialty components, eliminating costly redesign.


We supply space-level, radiation-hardened components to major companies such as Boeing Satellite Systems, SEAKR Engineering, Honeywell and other tier I and tier II aerospace companies. We are QML Class V certified and have a Class 100 cleanroom where we assemble products for satellite and space station programs.


The medical industry is a growing market for Micross Components, especially in the area of chip-scale packaging for medical devices. We produce custom designed components for heart defibrillators, insulin pumps, portable ultra-sound equipment and other implantable and non-implantable devices.

Oil and Energy

We supply hermetic components and bare die products to major oil and energy customers, primarily for downhole-drilling and solar energy applications.


We are equipped to test various automotive electronic components to ensure that they meet the upscreened temperature requirements demanded by car manufacturers.


We supply custom designed components and bare die that are used in cell phone stations, real-time clocks, oscillators and other telecommunications products manufactured by companies such as Finisar, Vectron and CISCO.


We supply bare die used in a wide range of industrial products including microwave RF signal equipment, sensors and lasers.

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