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Micross Components Distribution Division offers considerable expertise in added value processing and supply of semiconductor bare die. We have the in-house ability to inspect, qualify, test, probe and saw semiconductor wafers.

Whether the product is bare die supplied from our own product lines or whether the product is your own die design, we will process wafer product to your exact specifications and choice of end supply form. We have over 35 years experience in handling bare die products and have grown to become the largest dedicated die distributor worldwide. From originally servicing a specialist hybrid marketplace, we have grown in terms of capability and volume and now use our die expertise to address other markets such as automotive, industrial, space, defense, medical and commercial. As the trend towards bare die use continues, Micross Components' goal is to meet the volume demands of these growing markets.

The bare die distributed and processed by us comes from market leaders such as Texas Instruments, Fairchild Semiconductor, Analog Devices, Intersil, Linear Systems and many more. (See our Bare Die Line Card for a complete list.)

Our focus is to work in partnership with our wafer supplier to provide our customer with flexibility, custom solutions and an end product in the bare die format most suitable for the end application.

Alternatively, for processing of your own supplied die and wafer product, please see the sub-contract wafer processing section. We handle low volume for R&D and single die prototyping and lot qualification right through to volume automated wafer processing.

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