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Long-Term Die Storage

The Solution to Obsolescence

With semiconductor life cycles (from design to obsolescence) becoming shorter as fabrication capacity-demand increases, obsolescence is an ongoing concern, especially in long-running military and space programs. This has led to the growth of die banks that maintain inventories of readily available semiconductors for customers as protection against the supply interruptions.

Micross Components is a trusted name in long-term die storage, ensuring customer access to a reliable supply of critical components, long after they have been redesigned or their production has been discontinued.

If you receive a last-time-buy (LTB) product notification (and after calculating future supply requirements), we can help you meet your future supply needs by placing an order for the required components and then storing them in our die bank for later use – at a cost that is far less than the expense of stocking package parts. If your program requires packaged parts, we can package and test them for you as you need them over the future years.

The benefits to storing bare die instead of packaged components range from cost to logistics to reliability.

  • Cost
    • The cost of stocking silicon in a bare die bank is far less than the cost of stocking packaged parts which include the costs of package, assembly and test.
    • Many standard semiconductor parts will be designed into a number of projects. Central funding and storage will enable all projects to access the bare die bank and consequentially the costs of setting up the die bank will be minimized and not fall on one project.
    • Central funding will provide greater buying power with consequential price reduction.
    • Quality and Reliability
    • Homogeneity can be assured by holding stock of a single diffusion run.
    • There is less chance of storage causing problems with bare die held in nitrogen than packaged parts held in normal ambient storage conditions.
      • The plastic leaks out unwanted contaminants over time and these can affect the operation of the semiconductor.
      • Even in proper storage conditions, lead finishes can oxidize.
  • Logistics
    • If you require for risk mitigation, we can store your die in multiple die banks, even on separate continents.
    • Having a strategic silicon bank in North America and/or Europe will be critical in the event of conflict or a trade war.

We have large-capacity bare die banks, which can hold stock from a single diffusion run to assure homogeneity. Products are stored in special smoke- and water-resistant containers in a dry nitrogen environment that prevents contamination.

Benefits of Die Banking

  • Access to a product years after the LTB date
  • Cost-effective extension of project life, eliminating the need for a redesign
  • Environmentally safe storage that prevents deterioration
  • Product homogeneity (single diffusion run
  • Bare die products can be safely stored for many years
  • We offer expertise in bare die and wafer handling
  • We have a large storage capacity and can store die at multiple sites

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