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The History of Micross

In 2010, Micross Components began transforming specialty electronics by creating a global company with the broadest offering of products and services in the industry. Micross is a single-source supplier for the components and associated services, along with the technical expertise to design and manufacture them to the highest quality standards.

Micross Components consolidates the know-how and skills of these regional industry leaders into a single global marketplace for integrated circuits of all types and interconnect options.

  • Austin Semiconductor
  • Chip Supply
  • Continental Connector
  • Die Technology
  • Electronic Connector Engineering
  • Mintech
  • North Penn Technology
  • Premier Semiconductor Services
  • Silicon Turnkey Solutions
  • Tru-Form
  • TS2 Micro

These industry experts brought skills in both active and passive packaged and unpackaged components; connectors; test, assembly and mechanical processing experience; and insights into quality methods that only years working with demanding applications can bring. Combined, we represent a single source for specialty electronics that is able to provide leadership in the design, manufacture, logistics and distribution processes necessary to realize and support an application from start to finish. Micross specializes in solutions for hi-reliability and state-of-the-art electronic applications which span across commercial, industrial, defense, and aerospace markets.

We also specialize in microelectronic component solutions which are driven by applications requiring greater performance, increased ruggedisation or miniaturization. We are distributors for some of the world's largest semiconductor and passive component manufacturers. Our component expertise covers a full range of assembly technology such as silicon die and passive chip-level Components for use in LTCC or thick film hybrid circuits or multi-chip-modules through to Plastic Encapsulated Active Semiconductors for PCBs and SMT (Surface Mount Technology). Other key areas include Wafer Processing and Testing, Obsolescence Management and Die Storage and Product Banking Services. Our Electro Mechanical capabilities include Component Repair, BGA Reballing, Solder Exchange, Automated Solder Dipping and PCB Reworking.

Our areas of expertise range from harsh environment products for high temperature, vibration or radiation exposures to the highest efficiency industrial power modules and highest performance commercial audio components. Above all, our core focus in every market sector or product family is on reliability, on-site technical support, and quality.

We employ over 300 professionals on two continents with space-level cleanrooms and state-of-the-art equipment and facilities that give our customers unlimited options for post-wafer fabrication semiconductor processing. An extensive array of assembly and electrical test equipment supplemented by a full range of environmental screening systems provides the capability for complete adherence to customer specifications.

Whether your interconnect demand requires an optimized die solution, a fully customized laminate solution, or a hard to find military package, Micross has the in-house semiconductor supply, design, manufacturing, test and environmental screening expertise to source your needs.

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