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Microcontrollers in CSP

Micross Components supports the MSP430FG461x line from Texas Instruments. This family of parts is ideally suited for low power applications where both analog and digital signal processing are required, such as digital sensor systems, digital motor controls, hand-held meters and is optimized for portable medical applications.

MicrocontrollersThe MSP430FG461x series are microcontroller configurations that feature a powerful 16-bit RISC CPU, 16-bit registers, and constant generators that attribute to maximum code efficiency. System designers are able to simultaneously interface to analog signals, sensors and digital components while maintaining low power.

Working together, Texas Instruments and Micross Components have determined that this family of products would be desired by many in a smaller package or in die form. If the application has added space limitations, the device can be combined in a multichip package with other die. Each of the devices is available from Micross in an 8x8mm BGA package, a 75% reduction from the standard TI offering; or as bare die.

Please contact us for a package outline or to learn more about these devices. See our Sales Contacts page to find your local salesperson.

Key Features

  • Ultra-low power architecture extends battery life
    • µA RAM retention
    • 0.8 µA real-time clock mode
    • 250 µA/MIPS active
  • High performance analog ideal for precise measurements
    • Modern 16-bit RISC CPU enables new application at a fraction of the code size
  • In-system programmable Flash permits:
    • Flexible code changes
    • Field upgrades
    • Data logging
Part Number Description
SP430FG4616 92KB+256B Flash Memory, 4KB RAM
SP430FG4616LF 92KB+256B Flash Memory, 4KB RAM Lead Free
SP430FG4617 92KB+256B Flash Memory, 8KB RAM
SP430FG4617LF 92KB+256B Flash Memory, 8KB RAM Lead Free
SP430FG4618 116KB+256B Flash Memory, 8KB RAM
SP430FG4618LF 116KB+256B Flash Memory, 8KB RAM Lead Free
SP430FG4619 120KB+256B Flash Memory, 4KB RAM
SP430FG4619LF 120KB+256B Flash Memory, 4KB RAM Lead Free


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