High Temperature Line Card

Extreme/High Temperature Product Portfolio

Micross is committed to offering our customers the best products for their applications. We are now able to offer guaranteed high temperature parts that are suitable for extreme temperature requirements. VPG Foil Resistors Launches Ultra-High-Precision Wraparound Resistors With Gold-Plated Terminals for High-Temperature Applications to +225 °C - click here for more information.

Manufacturer Bare Die
Bare Die
Discrete Ceramic
Capacitor Resistor Crystals
Inductors Transformers RF
GeneSiC Checkmark              
ipdia         Checkmark         Checkmark
Johanson Dielectrics         Checkmark         Checkmark
Micross     Checkmark              
NASCENTechnology               Checkmark Checkmark  
Novacap         Checkmark          
Euroquartz LLC             Checkmark      
Syfer         Checkmark          
Texas Instruments   Checkmark                
USCi - United Silicon Carbide, inc. Checkmark              
Vishay         Checkmark Checkmark   Checkmark    


  • Oil & gas
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Geothermal
  • Industrial
  • High-reliability

Why Use High Temp Parts?

Parts qualified by the manufacture to high temperature means that our customers do not have to up-screen industrial/military parts. High temperature devices are guaranteed by the manufacturers so customers have 100% tested devices.

Micross is able to supply an extensive portfolio of hi-temp devices in ceramic, plastic, dare die, capacitors, crystals, oscillators, resistors, transformers and inductors along with other RF components.

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