Engineering Solutions

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Engineering Solutions

The bedrock of Micross Components is our in-house engineering expertise gathered over more than 35 years of semiconductor testing, processing and analysis. Our diverse range of talents, skills and competencies span electronics, equipment and system design, ASIC and semiconductor design, software development, product line introduction, process development and mechanical/electro-mechanical engineering. This places Micross Components as a first-class solution provider and technical partner of choice.

Our engineering and production solutions go beyond the traditional electronic component level that you would expect from a company of our technical standing. Over the last 5-10 years, Micross has also created unique solutions that meet with the high demands we have from our customers and the accreditations to which we operate such as AS9100 Revision C.

Micross Internal Projects

  • Introduction of a PPAP qualified production Line.
  • Design and build of unique test equipment to support the anti-counterfeit market.
  • Robotic solder exchange systems that comply with GEIA-STD-0006.
  • Long-term storage cabinets and monitoring software.

At Micross Components, we feel justly proud of our engineering heritage and are committed to solving technical problems with our engineering expertise.

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