Tape & Reel, 3D Component Scanning

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Tape & Reel

Tape & ReelTape and reel is one method to transport the die to the customer. The tape has cavities that each hold a single die. As with waffle pack selection, the x, y, and z dimensions are selected for the die size, so that the die will not rotate or flip. Typically, the sawn wafer is mounted on a pick and place machine, which places the die into the cavity. As the tape is filled with die and is being reeled onto the receiving reel, a pressure sensitive cover tape is pressed down to seal the cavity, securing the die safely within. The tape reel can then be directly loaded into a customer's automated assembly equipment to assemble.

3D Scanning

Micross is one of the few vendors with 3D scanning equipment. 3D scanning allows for minimum handling and maximizing in-line vision inspection for tray-to-tray, tray-to-tube, trap-to-tape, tube-to-tube, and tube to-tape.

Our 3D inspection capabilites include coplanarity, bent leads, sweep, pitch, standoff, ball height, ball diameter and true position of most package types including OIC, QFN, TSOP, TSSOP, SSOP, MSOP, SOJ, PLCC, QFP and BGA. Our state-of-the-art quality systems meet or exceed EIA-481.

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