PCB Rework

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PCB Reworking

PCB Reworking to IPC StandardsPCB rework and X-Ray inspection

Micross Components' special rework and repair service is dedicated to providing a quality service to recognized IPC standards.

  • IPC A 610 Class 1, 2 & 3- Workmanship standards and acceptability of electronic assemblies
  • IPC 7711 - Rework of electronic assemblies
  • IPC 7721 - Repair and modification of PCB and electronic assemblies

We offer automated removal and replacement of BGA, Micro BGA, and flip-chip plus majority of fine-pitch components. Our specialist rework service is enhanced by our in-house capability to x-ray inspect a variety of electronic components.

X-RAY Inspection of PCB Assembly

X-ray of PCB assemblyX-Ray inspection includes components
such as BGA CSP encapsulated devices

PCB Rework

PCB reworking in actionInvestment in state of the art technology ensures control, repeatability and quality of repair.

Also available for lead-free initiatives:

  • X-ray fluoresence testing for Pb-free components
  • X-ray fluorescence testing and verification for compliance to EU directives, RoHS, WEEE and EVL
  • Screening for concentrations of Pb in products above specified limits

component harvestingComponent Harvesting

Micross Components can recover valuable components from assembled boards using a variety of methods. All recovered components are suitable for machine placement and are returned in either trays or tape and reeled. They are then dry-packed in moisture barrier bags with humidity card and desiccant.

Micross Components will also dispose of any boards in an environmentally friendly process compliant with ISO 14001.

In the event of a large volume of boards, precious metal recovery may be possible with a profit share once assay has been confirmed.

Ionic contamination testing against MoD, DEF and MIL specifications is also available.

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