Ball Grid Array (BGA) Reballing

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Proven BGA Reballing Process

BGA Reballed Component Micross Components has developed a proven process for reballing Ball Grid Array (BGA) components to restore them to original specification for reuse.

Our reballing processes can be used to restore a wide assortment of BGA packages (including micro-BGAs) such as plastic, ceramic and wafer-level BGAs as well as BGA style sockets, connectors and custom processes for devices of various body sizes, ball configurations, and functions.

BGA Reballing - before the process

Before Reballing

BGA Reballing - after the process

After Reballing

Micross BGA reballing methodologies and technologies have been developed into a Best-in-Class operation utilized by governments, industries and consortia on a global scale. We will accurately and precisely assess your project, devices and timeframe to ensure quality results are on-time and within budget. Micross is committed to providing exceptional quality with the goal of transforming your devices into the reliable products you demand.

Reballed Devices

Reballed Devices

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