Ball Grid Array (BGA) Reballing

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Conversion to leaded spheres for
Hi-Rel applications.

BGA Reballed Components
Before and After BGA Reballing

Before & After BGA Reballing

Micross Components has developed a proven process for reballing Ball Grid Array (BGA) components to restore them to their original specifications or to bring them up to standards for use in hi-rel applications.

  • Low-cost, quick-turn low & high-volume processing

  • Single reflow reballing minimizes heat exposure

  • Turnkey product purchasing

  • Processing of ceramic and plastic BGAs and LGAs
  • Ball pitch from 0.40mm
  • Pb-free ↔ Sn/Pb balls

Low & High Volume Processes

Micross' low-volume process eliminates the need for custom tooling and preforms. Our high-volume process utilizes custom tooling for lower piece-part cost.

Robotic Deballing

Robotic Deballing

BGA Reballing - XRF


BGA Reballing - Automatic Inspection

Automatic Inspection

Reballed Components

Reballed Components from the Micross Retail+™ Product Line


Our proprietary automated wave solder deball process completely removes the original solder sphere and pad finish. For an ultra-controlled, non-contact deball process, our exclusive Micross Robotic Hot Solder Dip equipment can also be used.

Electrical Testing

Basic static electrical testing is available post-process to ensure there are no internal component issues or gross/latent ESD damage. Tests include detection of I/O diode opens/shorts and confirmation that Power and GND consumption are within limits.


  • Optical inspection for sphere condition
  • Automated inspection for sphere size and placement
  • Ball shear
  • XRF
  • Ionic cleanliness
  • Solderability

Inventory Management

Fully automated in house EDI, inventory management system with procurement and consignment capabilities.


  • ISO9001 and AS9100 registered
  • ESD-safe environment compliant to JESD625B
  • Temperature and humidity controls


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