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World's Largest Supplier of Value-Added Bare Die

  • World's largest specialty bare die supplier
  • Broad product line
  • Professional design support
  • Direct relationships with leading chip manufacturers
  • Extensive internal capabilities to meet diverse customer requirements
  • Global presence

As a global supplier of specialty bare die, Micross Components caters to the high-reliability requirements of dozens of major semiconductor manufacturers and suppliers.

We offer a wide range of products, from the simplest diodes to the most advanced analog ICs and high-end digital components. Once we’ve defined your design requirements, we’ll work closely with you to create a complete bare die solution. Our aim is to make your application as easy to support using bare die and custom packaged solutions as it would be with off-the-shelf packaged components.

In addition to our extensive bare die portfolio, we have direct relationships with many of the leading semiconductor manufacturers and maintain exclusive or preferred status with them. By leveraging the resources of Micross Components, our customers are able to help their customers obtain products not directly supported by the manufacturer.

Micross has manufacturing facilities in the United States and United Kingdom, outfitted with the equipment and qualified staff to meet the needs of customers and semiconductor manufacturers alike.

We also focus on the next generation wide band gap bare die materials such as silicon carbide (SiC) which used in bare die form have potential for greater efficiency and performance in next generation power applications.

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