Silicon Carbide SiC Schottky Diodes

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SiC Schottky Bare Die

About SiC Schottkys

Historically, Schottky diodes constructed using silicon have been limited in their maximum breakdown voltage. Increasing breakdown voltage >200V results in significantly higher on-resistance and leakage current which are the key performance parameters of any diode. However, benefits of Schottky construction are its switching speed and lack of any recovery time compared with other rectifiers in the diode family. This makes silicon Schottkys very successful in mainstream low voltage power electronics. For higher voltages in the power discrete market, typically P-N junction rectifiers are used. Although, P-N junction rectifiers may have voltages up to 1700V, they are slower and exhibit more switching losses than a theoretical Schottky would achieve were it capable of handling the equivalent voltage.

Today, SiC with its significantly higher breakdown voltage capability, combined with the Schottky construction, provides all the performance benefits of Schottky switching without the ramp of on-resistances and leakage current observed with silicon. SiC is also exceptionally rugged and SiC Schottky diodes show very little variance in performance as temperature increases. As a result, better power densities and higher switching efficiencies can be achieved. Also, there is a reduction in size and number of peripheral passive components needed in Schottky diodes compared with silicon diodes.

Benefits of SiC Schottky Die

  • Higher switching frequencies - no reverse recovery charge accumulates during the diode's normal conduction period (No trr)
  • No reverse recovery charge = less heat and low switching losses
  • No safety margins necessary for startup and cycle drop out operations
  • Cool operation during transient thermal load steps
  • Improved light load efficiency by significantly reduced device capacitances
  • Break down voltages >1700V


  • Solar Power
  • Traction controls
  • On board power generation and control
  • High speed motor drives
  • Machine tools
  • Robotics and HF supplies

Available Products

SiC Schottky Power Diodes

The following package part datasheets provide indicative electrical performance of bare die for rated temperatures only. By using bare die form, operation above the maximum temperature rating of the standard package part datasheet can be achieved*. In addition Micross Components has capability to qualify and characterize any GeneSiC Schottky die up to 300°C on request.

*Note: Performance will vary depending on choice of substrate and assembly technique.

Datasheet Part Number Amps VRRM (V)
GA01SHT18 1 1800
GA01SLT20 1 2000
GB01SLT12 1 1200
GB02SLT12 2 1200
GB03SLT12 3 1200
GB05SLT12 5 1200
GB07SHT12 7 1200
GB10SLT12 10 1200
GB20SLT12 20 1200
GBP3SHT24 0.3 2400

SiC Schottky Rectifiers - Bare Die

Datasheet Part Number Amps VRRM (V) Topside
GB01SHT065-CAL 1 650 Aluminum
GB01SHT065-CAU 1 650 Gold
GB01SHT12-CAL 1 1200 Aluminum
GB01SHT12-CAU 1 1200 Gold
GB05SHT065-CAL 5 650 Aluminum
GB05SHT065-CAU 5 650 Gold
GB05SHT12-CAL 5 1200 Aluminum
GB05SHT12-CAU 5 1200 Gold
GB20SHT065-CAL 20 650 Aluminum
GB20SHT065-CAU 20 650 Gold
GB20SHT12-CAL 20 1200 Aluminum
GB20SHT12-CAU 20 1200 Gold

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