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Extensive Test/Burn Capabilities

Our vastly experienced engineering team can handle all your electrical test evaluation and device reliability testing needs. We have a full range of high reliability electrical and environmental assurance tests that includes temperature cycling, centrifuge, infant mortality “burn-in” screening and the upscreening of commercial components to industrial and military operating ranges.

Throughout the years, we have developed an extensive test software and hardware library that supports numerous test platforms and a wide range of ceramic and plastic products.

Micross have a 35+ year heritage of providing complex test solutions for components that operate in harsh and unique environments. We have a full suite of capability at our fingertips to service your every need. We understand the need for product assurance and long term reliability.

  • Tester Capability
    • HP83K 300/600 MHz, 250+ pins, digital / memory test
    • Teradyne J937, 50/100 MHz, 36 I/O's, memory test
    • LTX-Credence Diamond D10, 100/200 MHz, digital / mixed-signal test
    • LTX-Credence ASLX, linear / mixed-signal test
    • Credence STS 8256, 20MHz, 256 pin, digital test
    • LTX TS80 – linear / mixed-signal test
    • Semitek 201C, discrete component test
    • FET 9400, discrete component test
    • Automated bench test
    • Standard bench-test and high-precision equipment
    • Automated and semi-automated probers, probe wafers or singulated die
  • Burn-In/Life-Test Capability
    • Dynamic/static
    • Accelerated VCC
    • Arrhenius/FIT-rate calculation
    • 100°C, 125°C, 135°C, 145°C
    • Logic, linear, PLD, VLSI
    • All memory devices
    • Infant-mortality EFR
    • Functional check (in-situation)
    • PDA/parameter drift
    • Data retention/endurance
    • Large-capacity memory burn-in ovens
    • Custom-product burn-in ovens
  • Electrical Test
    • -65°C to +150°C
    • Group A
    • Correlation/gold standard
    • Modules
    • Attributes data
    • Logic, linear, PLD, VLSI
    • All memory devices
    • Precision high speed
    • Low-noise PWB design
    • Discrete components
  • Memory/Memory Modules
    • SRAM & SSRAM
    • DRAM & SDRAM
    • VRAM

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