Anti-Counterfeit Program

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Counterfeit Protection

Get Real. Get Micross.

Micross Components goes to great lengths to ensure the pedigree of all of its products. Like you, we believe that you should always get what you pay for - without worrying about cheap counterfeits.

To that end, all of our locations have a quality system based on the stringent aerospace requirements set forth in AS9100 (Rev C), the standard for quality mandating a higher level of supply-chain control than existed in the past.

Even before the issuance of the AS9100C provisions, we had instituted throughout our supply chain strict measures to safeguard the quality and pedigree of our products. These policies were designed not only to protect our customers from shoddy, substandard or counterfeit components, but also to protect our reputation as one of the world’s leading suppliers of specialty electronics to the defense, aerospace, medical and commercial-industrial sectors.

We believe strongly that all suppliers should be held to the same high-quality standards that we at Micross have always lived up to - even before the government stepped in with its new quality mandates. For us, ensuring the authenticity and pedigree of our products is more than just an aspirational goal. It is mission critical.

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