Advanced Interconnect Technology

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Advanced Interconnect Technology

Micross Advanced Interconnect Technology offers advanced packaging and 3D integration solutions that enable higher-performance systems with decreased size, weight and power (SWaP). We provide a wide variety of advanced interconnect technologies for realizing your next-generation electronic systems.

Our integration and packaging technologies include:

  • 3D integration technology: TSV, TGV, Si interposers, 3D IC
  • Advanced interconnect and packaging technologies: Solder bumping, Cu pillar, Cu-based microbumps, Quilt packaging™ assembly
  • Flip-chip & Multi-chip module assembly, including patented PADS fluxless assembly process
  • Novel microfabricated devices, including IR sensor and thin film thermoelectric solutions
  • Microstructure fabrication and packaging: Monolithic integration, vacuum microelectronics, wafer-level vacuum/hermetic packaging
  • Microfabrication facility offering development, custom (flexible) prototyping & small-volume production services for our customers



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