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Micross Components:
Global Hi-Rel Electronics

Micross Components, Inc. (“Micross”) is the leading one-source, one-solution provider of Bare Die & Wafers, Advanced Interconnect Technology, Custom Packaging & Assembly, Component Modification Services, Electrical & Environmental Testing and Standard Products to manufacturers and users of semiconductor devices. In business for more than 35 years, our comprehensive array of high-reliability capabilities serve the global Defense, Space, Medical, Industrial and Fabless Semiconductor markets. Micross possesses the sourcing, packaging, assembly, test and logistics expertise needed to support an application throughout its entire program cycle.

Our Value Proposition

To our end customers - We will use our established relationships with major semiconductor manufacturers to your advantage, serving as your prime source for silicon die and alternate interconnect solutions.

To our manufacturers - As your trusted partner, we will put at your disposal our many technical and manufacturing resources to help you better serve the die and non-standard-silicon products market.

To our industry - We will work continuously to achieve the highest standards of quality in our products, our manufacturing processes, and our service and support operations. We will protect the traceability and authenticity of our products by procuring them direct from the manufacturer or their franchised suppliers.

To our distribution channels - We will serve as your trusted and dependable fulfillment link in the supply chain.

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